On June 3, 1950, Marianne Bachmeier was born.

She was raised in Sarstedt, a tiny settlement close to Hildesheim in Lower Saxony, West Germany, where her parents had escaped from East Prussia following World War II.

Anna Bachmeier was born to Bachmeier in November 1972.

She made headlines in 1981 when she fa*tally sh*ot the man who had se*xually raped and ki*lled her daughter.

Who was Klaus Grabowski?

35-year-old butcher and convicted se*x offender Klaus Grabowski was a butcher.

He had already served time in prison for abusing two girls.

In 1976, Grabowski voluntarily submitted to chemical castration, though it was later revealed that he subsequently underwent hormone treatment to try to reverse the castration.

What happened to Marianne’s daughter Anne Bachmeier?

On May 5, 1980, seven-year-old Anna Bachmeier was abducted and mur*dered by Klaus Grabowski.

He se*xually raped her while holding her for a number of hours at his home before strangling her to death.

Then, Grabowski’s fiancée gave him up to the police.

He claimed that after being apprehended, the girl wanted to tell her mother about how he had mistreated her in order to get money from her.

Grabowski claimed that ki*lling her was motivated by his dread of going back to prison.

What happened to Marianne Bachmeier

Around 10am on March 6, 1981, Marianne snuck a Beretta 70 pistol into the Lübeck District Court’s courtroom. This was the third day of Grabowski’s trial.

She then sh*ot her daughter’s confessed ki*ller, Klaus Grabowski, in the back.

Grabowski was mu*rdered nearly immediately after Bachmeier fired seven times while aiming the rifle at his back.

After lowering her weapon, she was quickly taken into custody.

The case generated a lot of media attention and public discussion.

Bachmeier was found guilty of manslaughter and illegally possessing a firearm as a result.

After serving three years of her six-year sentence, she was granted bail and released.

What was Marianne Bachmeier’s cause of death?

Bachmeier passed away in a Lübeck hospital on September 17, 1996, from pancreatic cancer at the age of 46.

In Lübeck’s Burgtor Cemetery, she is interred next to her daughter, Anna.

She requested that Lukas Maria Böhmer, a reporter for Norddeutscher Rundfunk, join her and record her final moments before she passed away.

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