The California Highway Patrol had just dropped Ryan Singleton off at a petrol station in De*ath Valley, California. After his automobile stalled, the officers picked him up on the highway. He wouldn’t be seen alive again after that.

Singleton was originally from Atlanta, Georgia. He hoped to build a name for himself as a model and also as a filmmaker. One scorching July day in 2013, those dreams came to a tragic and unexplained end. The 24-year-old travelled from his home in Atlanta to Los Angeles to visit a friend. He informed his mother, Iris Flowers, that he was renting a car and driving to Las Vegas to try out for a football team. He requested that she wire him $100 by Western Union so that he would have some additional cash when he reached at his destination.

Patrolmen spotted Singleton strolling on the highway at 2 p.m. on July 9 (WKYC). When the officers stopped to check if he needed aid, Singleton told them that his car had broken down and he was walking for help. Strangely, when authorities drove Singleton to his vehicle, he couldn’t find it. Had it been moved? Or was Singleton not being completely truthful with the traffic patrol?

Singleton was driven to the nearby town of Baker, where he was dropped off at a convenience shop. According to authorities, Singleton entered the store and purchased numerous products before leaving. Singleton is no longer present at this moment.

Body Without Vital Organs

According to 11 Alive, Ryan Singleton called a friend in Los Angeles and asked for a ride back from a desert petrol station in Baker, California. Singleton was nowhere to be located when that friend arrived. Though his rental car was found a day later, Singleton’s body was not discovered until months later, on September 21, 2013 (per WKYC). Two joggers discovered Singleton’s body around two miles from the convenience store where he was last seen alive. Because the body was missing essential organs, some conspiracy theorists believe Singleton was mur*dered so that his organs could be sold on the black market. What, however, did the autopsy reveal?

According to the New York Daily News, Singleton’s mother, Iris Flowers, was told by the San Bernardino County Coroner’s office that there were “no eyes, no heart, no lungs, no liver, no kidneys.” MEAWW supplements that claim by noting that several of Singleton’s ribs were also gone.According to the autopsy report, Singleton’s body was too thoroughly decomposed to pinpoint a probable cause of de*ath. Though it did not rule out homicide, it concluded that the missing body parts were taken by scavenging animals rather by malicious organ thieves looking for a quick buck with a kidney or a lung.

Ryan Singleton’s Family Suspects Foul Play

According to the New York Daily News, several of Ryan Singleton’s family members believe the young model was murdered. According to an unknown source close to Singleton, the family believes that Singleton was murdered elsewhere and that his kil*ler(s) transferred his body to the site where it was later discovered. But who would have a reason to assassinate him?

When Singleton vanished, he was estranged from his hairstylist husband, Kythe Brewster. Before making his final trek to the west coast, Singleton whispered something chilling to his mother. According to WKYC, Iris Flowers recalls her son asking if “something bad” was going to happen to him, prompting her to ask him whether he owed anyone any money. According to 11 Alive, Brewster called Flowers soon before Singleton went missing to tell her that he had just spoken to him on the phone and that Singleton appeared to be intoxicated. Brewster also warned her that Singleton’s life was in danger.

Did Singleton get lost and perish in the heat? Was he the victim of deception? We may never know because the coroner’s report listed the cause of de*ath as inconclusive. Flowers wants another autopsy, but she doesn’t have the money to exhume her son’s body.

Singleton’s tragedy is portrayed in the 2020 documentary series “Dying to Be Famous,” bringing some posthumous glory to a man who craved stardom.

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