In 1998, a young Polish student attending Jagiellonian University disappears without a trace from Krakow City. Several months later, a ship makes an unexpected stop when something gets stuck inside a propeller.

They found a suit made from the sk*in of Katarzyna Zowada, the student who disappeared months earlier.

The body’s limbs and head were cut off, and the pieces were used to make a body suit. It’s not clear how the sk-in suit for people got into the water. The k*iller is thought to have worn the body suit at some point. After a few days, police found a right leg floating in the water.

Katarzyna Reported Missing by Mother

Katarzyna didn’t show up for an appointment at the psychiatric clinic where she was getting help for depression. Because of this, her mother called the police to say that she was missing. She was upset when the police told her to come back in 24 hours.

There was a man named Vladimir W. on police radar because he had k*illed his father and cut and shaved him. Reports say that the man was wearing a mask made from his father’s ski*n. He got 25 years in prison for k*illing his father, but police later found that he wasn’t involved with ki*lling Katarzyna.

Case Closed

The case stopped being active very quickly. There were no new clues or leads for the police. Since they had nothing else to go on, the police closed the case.

The case was closed, and everyone’s life went on. No one knew who the k*iller was for the next 19 years. With the help of a tip in 2017, the cold case was reopened and a suspect was finally caught.

In 2017, a friend of a man named Robert Janczewski sent a letter to the police. The police did not say what was in the letter, but it did help them catch Janczewski.

Janczewski Arre*sted 19-Years After the M*urder

The 52-year-old man was charged with ki*lling Katarzyna. He used to work at the Cracow Institute of Zoology. He knew the victim, had been to her grave several times, was trained in martial arts, and had a history of harassing women. He lost his job the next day after k*illing all the rabbits at the institute. When asked, he couldn’t say why he kil*led the rabbits.

Police searched Janczewski’s apartment, finding b*lood inside the bathroom. Police removed the bath and frame for forensic testing after they found the b*lood. They also searched the rest of the apartment looking for any type of evidence.

Janczewski remains behind bars, although the trial was not open to the public. The status of the case, and whether he has been to trial, convicted, or sentenced for the crimes, is unknown.

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