At the youthful age of 18, Brendan Santo, a young soul, mysteriously vanished in East Lansing, Michigan, on the ominous night of October 29, 2021. His presence disappeared while he was visiting friends at Michigan State University during the weekend of the grand Michigan versus Michigan State football rivalry.

Brendan Santo’s Background: Brendan Santo, born on April 1, 2003, was warmly welcomed into the world by his parents, Brad and Wendy Santo. He attended Rochester Adams High School in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and was a member of the esteemed Rochester United.

He later embarked on his educational journey at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, where he pursued cybersecurity during the period of his unexplained disappearance. He remained closely connected to his devoted parents in Rochester Hills, Oakland County.

Details of His Vanishing:

On the fateful evening of October 29, 2021, Brendan journeyed from Grand Valley University to East Lansing, drawn by the camaraderie at Michigan State University, coinciding with a monumental football game. He spent the day with friends, creating moments of joy and laughter, before returning to his companion’s dormitory for the night. Between 11:30 and 11:45 p.m., he sent messages indicating his imminent return. However, his electronic communication ceased abruptly.

Brendan Santo vanished without a trace, leaving behind a troubling void.


The last known sighting of Brendan was as he left Yakeley Hall at Michigan State University. Unfortunately, surveillance cameras were not active that night, failing to capture his movements.

Authorities speculate that he was heading toward the Brody Neighborhood, about half a mile away on campus, where a friend awaited him. His phone emitted a final signal near Michigan Avenue and Beal Street, close to the Red Cedar River, just before midnight.

Despite extensive search efforts, including dive teams, state police aerial searches, police dogs, and drones, no concrete evidence of his whereabouts emerged.

The Search:

Over 800 volunteers joined the search efforts in the Michigan State University area, reflecting the determination to find Brendan Santo. However, the search yielded no results.

A Puzzling Vehicle:

Brendan’s vehicle remained parked where he initially left it upon arriving at the university. Inside the vehicle was a Halloween costume he had purchased the night before his disappearance, suggesting he had not intended to leave East Lansing.

National Attention:

Reports of unverified sightings of Brendan spread across the country, reaching as far as Oklahoma, highlighting the extent of the mystery. Both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Michigan State Police Department became involved in the case.

The Persistent Enigma:

Despite the relentless efforts of law enforcement, no evidence of foul play or intent to disappear has surfaced. Brendan’s family maintains that he eagerly looked forward to his academic journey and a bright future, making his sudden disappearance all the more perplexing.

A Reward for Information:

In an attempt to uncover the truth, Brendan Santo’s family has offered a substantial reward exceeding $20,000 through Crime Stoppers of Mid-Michigan. This reward aims to encourage individuals with knowledge to come forward and help reveal his whereabouts.

The Ongoing Saga:

Brendan Santo’s story remains shrouded in mystery, awaiting the final chapter that will unveil his fate. His presence lingers as a riddle yearning for resolution, with hope that destiny’s quill will eventually complete the tale.

Brendan Santo’s Physical Description:

Brendan is a Caucasian young man born on April 1, 2003, with brown hair and hazel eyes. He stands at a height of 5’10” and weighs approximately 160 pounds. At his last sighting, he was wearing gray sweatpants, a black t-shirt, a black Red Wing (Yzerman) baseball cap, white Comme des Garcons Converse high-top sneakers, and a gold necklace with a Celtic cross. He carried a dark brown wallet and an iPhone 12 in a regal blue case.

For Those with Information:

Anyone who possesses information or a fragment of truth regarding Brendan Santo’s disappearance is urged to contact the Michigan State University Police at (517) 355-2221. Anonymous tips can be shared with Crime Stoppers of Mid-Michigan at 844-99-MSUPD (844-996-7873). Your assistance could be vital in unraveling this perplexing enigma.

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