In 1987, Wendy Knell’s body was found in her bed. She was 25 years old. She had been k*illed by being raped, hit, and choked. Wendy lived in a basement that didn’t have any walls, so no one could hear the attack. Even though the case went cold, police did find a bloody fingerprint on a bag and a footprint on a shirt that they used as proof.

Another Body Found

After about a week, the body of Caroline Pierce, another woman, was found. It had been three weeks since the 20-year-old girl was last seen, and her body was found in a ditch. Like Wendy, Caroline had been raped, beaten, and choked to death. Aside from a small amount of sperm on her body, the kil*ler didn’t leave much of a trail. Her case also went away.

Police found that the person who k*illed both women was the same.

32-Years Later, DNA Identifies the K*iller

The bodies of Wendy and Caroline were found 32 years ago. In 2019, the DNA could be tested in the sperm that was found on Caroline’s body thanks to progress in technology. After being checked, the DNA came back with a group. In December 2020, David Fuller of Heathfield, East Sussex, was named by police as the k*iller.

Fuller looked like any other American man: he was married, in his 60s, and worked as an electrician at a hospital. He said he had nothing to do with the mu*rders, but DNA doesn’t lie. It was found that David wore the same shoes in a picture that police found when they searched his home. This led them to believe that David ki*lled Wendy. The shoe prints on the shirt matched the prints on the shirt.

More Than Murd*er…Fuller Sexually Assaulted Dead Bodies for Years

David’s house also had a lot of phones, SIM cards, and hard drives that were used as proof. The police found shocking evidence on the hard drives and phones: pictures and videos of David sexually assaulting dead bodies.

David had keys to every room in the building at the hospital due to his position as an electrician. He got into the morgue through a doorway that wasn’t being watched, raped the dead bodies, and then went back to work. David did this to dead bodies for a number of years. Police said there were at least 80 victims. The oldest was a woman who was 100 years old, and the youngest was a girl who was 9 years old.

In total police found more than 14 million images and videos combined on all the devices. They included footage of Fuller sexually assaulting dead bodies in the morgue at the now-closed Kent and Sussex Hospital and the new 500-bed Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Pembury, which replaced it in 2011.

Fuller Pleads Guilty to 51 Charges

David was arrested and charged with 51 counts of murd*er and necrophilia involving the bodies of two people. He said yes to all charges on October 8, 2021, but he hasn’t been sentenced yet. Because he was found guilty of two murde*rs, he will surely get life in prison and may even get life without the chance to get out.

NHS Orders Updates to Morgue Entrances

The NHS told health trusts to change how people get into morgues after Fuller’s case became public. There needs to be CCTV and swipe entry points.

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