A Mormon mother is said to have run away with her 16-year-old son, saying that she believes God has chosen him for the Second Coming of Christ. The teen was found safe and sound thousands of miles away from their home in Arizona.

East Idaho News reports that Blaze Thibaudeau, his mother Spring Thibaudeau, his sister Abi Snarr, 23, and his uncle Brooke Hale came to Idaho from Arizona after buying survival gear worth a lot of money.

He told the police that his son was missing and thought that he might be in danger because his mother “sees him as a Davidic servant who plays a significant role in the Savior’s return.”

“They feel they need to take him to an unknown place where he will hear his calling and understand his part in the Second Coming,” the worried dad told the news source.

“I worry about his safety, especially if my son is angry, defiant, or hostile.” I’m afraid my brother-in-law will hold him down or do something else that will make him unable to move.

The four family members hadn’t been heard from since Monday. According to the Gilbert Police Department, Blaze Thibaudeau was found safe in Alaska by border patrol agents at the Alcan Port of Entry. He was legally required to return to his dad.

My wife Spring Thibaudeau became very interested in the Second Coming of Christ in 2015. She became obsessed with it, he says.

His worries were raised by the fact that she also did energy healing sessions.

“Talk to our ecclesiastical leader,” Ben Thibaudeau suggested. Their bishop told Spring to “stop if she wanted the marriage to survive,” the father said.

In spite of the fact that the church’s manual says not to do energy healings, she reportedly took a step back. However, Ben Thibaudeau said she eventually started having dreams and obsessed over their daughter.

Both women began to have dreams, and they felt like they needed to start preparing for the worst.

“She started spending a lot of money on getting food ready.” Even though we live in Arizona, she bought a lot of winter clothes. Tents were on her list. Ben Thibaudeau said, “She was sure that the saints would have to gather in the mountains in the last days, and she was getting ready for that.”

Ben Thibaudeau insisted that Blaze and the couple’s other children were not interested in the second coming of Christ, even though Abi and Spring were very interested in it.

“He has never agreed with anything she has ever believed.” “He’s just like any other teen; all he wants to do is text and hang out with friends,” his dad said. “He worked really hard to get on the football team. They still have games to play. He would not have agreed to it in any way.

Brayden Snarr, Abi’s husband, got a panicked call from her and found her at home packing bags and arranging newly bought hunting gear. East Idaho News reported that she told them they had to leave right away to catch a flight to Boise. There, the family was seen on airport security footage.

He wouldn’t go, so his family left. Then Snarr called his dad to tell him that their “worst nightmares have come true.”

The local news source said Hale also left a “last will and testament” for his children and took out $50,000 in cash to split between them.

“I am no longer here if you are reading this right now. I have no idea where I’m going. I wasn’t told. I won’t see you for a while. “I don’t know how long it will be, but I WILL see you again,” he wrote, the news source said.

When Ben Thibaudeau called the group right away, he didn’t get a response.

Thibaudeau reiterated that none of them are bad people — even going as far as to say they are “all wonderful people” — but he is worried the “dark topics has really corrupted them in a really horrible way.”

“But they are genuinely just loving, kind people.”

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