This happened in Racine, Wisconsin. A man sta*bbed his mother and then told police that pot made him paranoid and made him think she was planning to ra*pe him.

Banks Charged After Attacking Mother

In February 2018, Terrell Banks, who was 23 at the time, was charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide and one count of mayhem, which means cutting someone up with the intent to make them look bad or make them unable to do something.

A Racine Dollar Tree called the police to say that a woman had run into the store after her son had sta*bbed her in their nearby home. The woman bled a lot inside the store.

When the paramedics got there, they rushed her to the hospital. Several s*tab wounds were found on her. Which part of the story shocked you the most? She told the hospital staff and police that her son Terrell had hurt her.

Doctors at the hospital found that the woman had been sta*bbed nine times. She has six wounds on her head and eyes and three on her right arm and side.

A short time later, police found Terrell walking down a nearby road while partially naked. They took him into custody right away.

Victim Speaks to Investigators

After being taken care of, the victim told police that her son was sitting in his bedroom when she got home from running errands with her mother. She told him his name. Terrell grabbed what she thought was his phone at the time and ran toward her without making a sound. It was said that Terrell didn’t say anything as he ran toward her.

He started hitting her in the head and arm with something that she thought at first were his fists. As soon as she realized it, her son wasn’t hitting her with his fists, he was st*abbing her. She tried to fight him off of her.

The victim finally got the upper hand on Terrell and took the knife away from him. She said he “passed out” at that point, and she ran out of the house with the knife. She sped over to a neighbor’s house and banged on the door. The neighbor didn’t answer. The woman then ran to Dollar Tree, where workers helped her call the police and ambulances.

She made it through the incident.

Terrell Banks Speaks to Investigators

Banks told police that he smoked a blunt of mar*ijuana 45 minutes before he st*abbed his mother. He said the high was too much for him and made him suspicious. Investigators said Banks looked clearly upset. He said he didn’t think any drugs were mixed with the pot before he smoked the blunt.

He said that this had never happened to him before even though he smoked pot all the time. He became so scared that he took a steak knife from the kitchen because he thought someone was there to rap*e him.

His first thought was that he didn’t know who he sta*bbed or how many times. He said he didn’t look back as he walked down the road because he was afraid someone would r*ape him if he stopped. He told the police that he started taking off his clothes while walking because he felt like he “could fly.”


The Terrell Banks mentioned in this story does not show up in a search of Wisconsin Department of Corrections prison inmates. I am not able to find information about how the case turned out. There is another Terrell Banks, born in 1980, who is currently a prisoner in the WDOC.

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