According to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, the man accused of ki*lling Naomi Irion, the 18-year-old who vanished from a Walmart parking lot in Nevada in March 2022, committed suicide.

Troy Driver, was accused of ki*lling Naomi Irion

Troy Driver, 43, was imprisoned on mur*der charges and awaiting his trial. He was charged with the mu*rder of Naomi Irion. According to the release, he was held in a very secure cell in jail and had no contact with other inmates. Unfortunately, he committed suicide while in custody.

During a routine check on the inmates on Sunday afternoon, deputies discovered Troy Driver unresponsive in his cell. According to the sheriff’s office, they attempted to resuscitate him but were unsuccessful.

Troy Driver was arrested just a few days before Naomi Irion’s body was discovered, more than two weeks after she went missing. Due to the mur*der charge against him, he was denied bail in April.

According to authorities, Naomi Irion was last seen before dawn on March 12, 2022. As her sister mentioned, she was in her car in a parking lot in rural Fernley, Nevada, waiting to catch a shuttle to work.

Surveillance video captured a man wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt approaching Naomi Irion’s car at 5:24 a.m., according to Detective Erik Kusmerz. One minute later, the man drove away in her car. The abandoned car was discovered three days later near a Walmart.

Driver kidnapped and shot Naomi Irion, according to an amended criminal complaint filed in the Justice Court of Canal Township in Lyon County. He then attempted to conceal his crime by burying her body. Mur*der, first-degree kidnapping, robbery, motor vehicle burglary, and evidence destruction are among the charges leveled against him.

Authorities found Naomi Irion’s body in a distant area of neighboring Churchill County after receiving a tip.

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