Susan Lund of Clarksville went missing in December 1992 after walking to a grocery store near her home.

The body of a woman found in southern Illinois almost 30 years ago was identified by investigators.

Two girls found the head of the woman who was only known as “Ina Jane Doe” on January 27, 1993, next to Ina on a road in Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park.

The woman was named Susan Lund and was from Clarksville, Tennessee. She was 25 years old when she went missing on December 24, 1992. She left to go grocery shopping on foot but never came back. About a month later, the woman’s head was found in the state park, but police were unable to figure out who she was.

Susan Lund

A news release from Redgrave Research Forensic Services in Massachusetts says that in February 2021, anthropologist Amy Michael from the University of New Hampshire called the sheriff’s office and offered to look into the case again.

A new forensic sketch of the woman was made public, and DNA samples from her body were used to make a profile of her. That profile was sent to the team that does forensic genealogy.

One of Lund’s siblings gave us a piece of DNA to compare. It was proven on March 6 that the woman was Sudan Lund, the news release said.

Pamela Reyes, one of Lund’s sisters, said that her family has found peace. Her three children, who were 6, 4, and 2 years old when she went missing, are now at peace.

“All I’m saying is what her three kids want,” Reyes said. “They just want people to know how thankful they are that their mother didn’t leave them without telling anyone.”

Investigators want anyone who knows what happened to get in touch with the sheriff’s office.

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