Nermin Sulejmanovic

Today, a man in Bosnia live-streamed the mu*rder of his ex-wife on Instagram before going on a shooting spree that resulted in the deaths of two others and himself.

The man, identified by Bosnian media as Nermin Sulejmanovic from the town of Gradacac in northeastern Bosnia, posted an extremely disturbing video on Instagram on Friday morning, warning viewers that they would witness a mur*der live.

The video then depicts him drawing a gu*n and firi*ng a bul*let into a woman’s forehead. Also audible in the video are the cries of the couple’s infant daughter.

Sulejmanovic, age 35, confirmed that he had abandoned the infant alive.

The alleged mu*rderer later stated, “I warned everyone that this would happen.” My child has been hidden by her for eight days.

“I’m waiting to load my weapon before continuing.”

According to local media, Sulejmanovic worked as a fitness instructor, but he was also a gang member with multiple convictions for violent acts, fights, and drug trafficking.

As police began searching for him after the televised mur*der, the suspect later posted another video on Instagram in which he claimed to have shot at least two other individuals while on the run.

Police in the northeastern Bosnian city of Tuzla reported that in addition to the three fatalities, three others were injured before the perpetrator committed suicide after being located but before being apprehended.

Police did not immediately provide additional information, but added that those who left supportive comments and clicked on the man’s Instagram posts on Friday will be questioned and may face legal consequences.

“I have no words to describe what happened today in Gradacac,” said Bosnian Federation Prime Minister Nermin Niksic.

The m*urderer ultimately took his own life, but no one can bring back the victims’ lives.

Authorities did not immediately provide additional information or speculate on possible motives for the shootings.

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